• Black Girl Rise
    Sara Haile-Mariam | November 29, 2017

    I will never speak ill of another black woman Because I know to do so would be to acquiesce To the whims and wishes of white supremacy Intent on hiding my idols from me Dead set on robbing this bigness from me Do you know how I wept When I found that my instincts had legacy? Rock and roll - ROCK AND STOLE. How dare they take them from me Read more »

  • America BECOME.
    Sara Haile-Mariam | November 28, 2017

    Give me your insecurity, your pain Your hungry ghosts yearning to feel satiated The wretched deluge of white ego’s demand; Send the rest away and claim this stolen land for me. Only to see, that you remain empty Never made more free By white supremacy Chained to the misery Of white supremacy Smallness consumes we And my country tis of thee Weeps through the severity Of white supremacy Urging us: Get free Read more »

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