• Begin Worthy
    Sara Haile-Mariam | January 12, 2018

    As an African immigrant, I am no longer confused. It’s tempting to want to get into a debate. Rage with the force of a people rewritten. I feel violated not by this one sentiment, or this one instance of racism from on high…but by the millions that came before it. Aggressive and passive aggressive. Violent and issued in between the lines. Always meant to confuse and distract the terms of the debate so as to leave us helplessly lost, detached from who we really are. Read more »

  • Black Girl Rise
    Sara Haile-Mariam | November 29, 2017

    I will never speak ill of another black woman Because I know to do so would be to acquiesce To the whims and wishes of white supremacy Intent on hiding my idols from me Dead set on robbing this bigness from me Do you know how I wept When I found that my instincts had legacy? Rock and roll - ROCK AND STOLE. How dare they take them from me Read more »

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