Music Bones is a band on a mission to reclaim rock and roll.

In it’s 4 years of existence, Music Bones has navigated what it means to make and take up space in a genre that’s been unapologetically white washed, detached from it’s true origin and disconnected from it’s potential purpose. What’s the point of freedom, and belonging and rebellion if it’s reliant on shutting some people out and keeping other people down. Why do white supremacy and misogyny have any place in a genre that was founded by a black woman? Who stole rock and roll and why are we waiting to take it back.

Founded in 2013 by front woman and drummer Sara Haile-Mariam and guitarist Mike Sutjipto - Music Bones’ early roots were inspired by friend and blues guitarist Beverly “Guitar” Watkins who sent the duo on a tour of Atlanta Blues clubs. Beverly’s influence on the band’s sound was definitive and in meeting her the band also unearthed the indisputable history of black women integral in the creation of rock and roll, namely the founder of the genre Sister Rosetta Tharpe. In 2015 the band left the East Coast and landed in California where they connected with bassist Christian Vieyra.

The band’s perspective is shaped by their experiences. Their experiences are shaped by who they are.

Music Bones is rooted in the conviction that music does not discriminate; that the ability to make music is not a privilege for the select few but an instrument of healing and a path to community for us all.

Music Bones believes that music should be leveraged to tell and amplify the truth.